Our vision :


  1. Pilot the harbor development by increasing traffic and market share.
  2. Create value added.
  3. Offer competitive and safe world-class facilities.
  4. Fully meet the expectations and needs of the customers.
  5. Ensure the reliability of our services to help customers' competitiveness.
  6. Became an undeniable logistics hub.


Our Missions :


  1. Promoted the economic development and being a trade facilitation tool .
  2. Contributed significantly to the prosperity of the city.
  3. Valuing the hinterland by improving the competitiveness of our various customer (importers, exporters and shippers) using Bejaia’s Harbor.
  4. Ensure efficiency, effectiveness, transparency and operational ease of our procedures, It must be made more accessible to traders of the hinterland.
  5. Motivate and develop employees and make commitments towards them as they are our greatest asset.
  6. Being an innovative port which anticipates the needs of its customers by creating value-added services in logistics and transport.


Our values :


  1. Valorisation and potential commitment .
  2. Professional and ethical management .
  3. Orientation and efficiency to the customer.
  4. Social and environmental responsibility (RSE).