Port access:

Bejaia’s port is accessible via an external channel of 320m which is dredged to 13,50m.The general cargo ships access to the basins of the old port and the inner harbor through two passes, respectively the Abdelkader’s pass 110m wide and dredged to 12m, and Casbah’s pass (between the old and the inner harbor),122 of wide and dredged to 12m.

Port’s basins :

Bejaia’s port is composed on three basins:

  • The outer harbor basin: It has an area of 75 hectares and its depth is ranging from 10m to 13,5m.it has a specialized facilities, the outer port is intended to the oil tanker.
  • The old harbor basin: Its surface area is about 26 hectares and its depth of quay varies between 6 and 8 m
  • The inner harbor basin: It has an area of 55 hectares and depths is ranging from 10,5 to 12m.

Physical facts :

  • Prevailing winds from North-East in summer, and West to North-West in winter.
  • Nonexistant tide, but some different level can go up to 50cm.
  • Backwach: up to 50cm in bad weather West to North-West (tanker terminal).
  • Excellent visibility.

Piers and breakwater :

  • In the east : East pier of 650m
  • In south: Chevron pier composed on three elements which the length reaches 2.750 m:
    • South pier
    • Wide pier
    • Closing pier



Known as one of the best cost, Bejaia’s port offers an excellent potential concerning the protection and good anchorage, with depths ranging from 10m to over 20m.Sheltred from all winds except the north east to the east, the bay is limited by an imaginary line extending from Cap Carbon to Cape Aokas. For oil tankers, the mooring area is located in the east of the access road.

Port infrastructures:

The port is spread over a total area of 79 hectares. Its storage area is spreads over 410,000m² of which 17,500M² of them are covered. It has 3575Lm of wharves which are split between 16 berths for general cargo ships, 03 berths for tankers and 01 gas station.

The docking structures: Quays

Name of QuayN° of berthsBasinsDepthLenght
Tanker port 01 to 03 Outer harbor 11,5 to 13,5 250, 260 and 260 ml
Northern quay 06 to 08 Old port 08 290 ml
North West quay 09 to 11 Old port 08 273 ml
Casbah quay 12 and 13 Old port 08 257 ml
Pass quay 14 Casbah pass 08,50 146 ml
South West quay 15 et 16 Inner Harbor 10 230 ml
Train station quay 17 à 19 Inner harbor 10 530 ml
New quay 21 à 24 Inner harbor 12 750 ml
Open sea pier 26 Inner harbor 12 78 ml

Protective structures: Jetties

East pier 650 ml Between 0 and 16 m
South pier 450 ml Between 10 and 13 m
Wide pier 1500 ml Between 6 and 10 m
Closing pier 800 ml Between 0 and 6m