Bejaia’s harbor is located at the North latitude of 36°45’24’’ and East longitude of 05°05’50’’. Its location at the heart of the western Mediterranean and in the center of Algerian coast,present an economic originality, a key palace on the shipping routes. Bejaia’s port enjoys a privileged location. Naturally protected, its harbor is one of the safest.

The direct hinterland of Bejaia’s port which extends to a radius of 250 Km has a little more than 12 million of inhabitants, divided into 10 Wilayas and departments. It’s the densest zone in terms of branches of economic activities, both industrial as commercial and several of national major projects are underway or are projected in the context of global national development plan. The hinterland segmented into three mains areas; Algiers area, highlands area, SOUMMAM area. These three areas has several industrial and operations zones which the most import are:Area of Rouiba, Réghaia, Corso in the segment of Algiers, the industrial area of Setif , El- Eulma, M’sila and Borj Bou Arréridj in the segment of the highlands areas and the industrial areas of Akbou and ’EL Kseur in the segment of the SOUMMAM.

Bejaia city and its port, have also a road networks connecting all the cities of the country with railways and international airport.

The harbor is located in the bay of Bejaiai city, the artificial public maritime and port domain is defined following to the decree No93/1015/ DRAG of the wali of Bejaia, as:

  • In North by the national road No 9.
  • In South by the closing pier and wide pier of length of 2.750m.
  • In the East by the east pier
  • In the west by the industrial area of Bejaia.