The history of the city and its port

Ideally situated in the heart of the Mediterranean sea, Bejaia city has many natural and historical sites which date back to over 10 000 years, as well as many archeological sites of ancient treasures of the Neolithic era.

Bejaia played a crucial role in the transmission of the knowledge in the Mediterranean area. Bejaia city, known how to attract numbers of most important traders, by the dynamism of its port, the security of the region, the good policy and customs advantages.

In the Amsyouen antiquity, the citizen overlooking the coast just used it for fishing. The first ships that visited our natural shelters were set up on their trading post.

They were followed by roman Saldea, and became a shiping port of wheat. It’s only in the 11th century that the berbère Begaïeth became Enaceria. At this time, it took a very important position in the world. Bejaia’s port became one of the largest in the Mediterranean area; its exchanges were very dense. At this time of the history we find also Fibonacci de Pise, a son of a pisan merchant, extended in the world from Bejaia. The figures are now universally used.

The achievement of the actual harbor realization started in 1834, it was competed in 1987. In 1960, the first oil tanker was loading in beiaias’s port.

The History of Bejaia Port Compagny

The decree No82-285 of August 14, 1982 was published in the official journal No33 of the creation of Bejaia Port Company; Socialist economic company; In accordance with the principals business organizations charter, with the previsions of the ordinance No71-74 of 16 November 1971 concerning the socialist management of the company and to the text adopted for its implementation at the location of sea-port.

The company which renewed shipping in its relation with third parties was governed by the laws in force and subject to rules set by the above mentioned decree.

To accomplish its missions, the company substituted for the national port office (ONP), the national handling company (SO NA MA), and party of the Algerian National Shipping Company (CNAN).

It was endowed by the state, heritage, activities, structures and resources held by the national port office, the SO.NA.MA and by the port towing activity, which was perniciously devolved to the Algerian National Shipping Company, and the personal related to the management and the functioning of these.

In the execution of laws No88.03, 84.03 of 02 January 1988 in the context of economic reforms relating to the autonomy of the companies, according to the applicable decrees No88101 of May 16th, 1988, No88.199 of June 21, 1988 and No88.177 of September 28th 1988, Bejaia’s Port Company; A socialist company; is transformed into Public Economic Company (EPE-SPA) since February 15th, 1989. Its capital stood was fixed at ten million (10.000.00) Algerians Dinars. It has risen currently to 3.500.000.000 AD.