The port of Bejaia included a pattern of development in long term which will inevitably strength the trade port capacity and improve the logistics performance, especially as the new penetrating will directly connect the port to the east-west highway.

The major phases of the master plan include :

Phase 1 : Immediate program :

It mainly concern the construction of a new berth in the extension of the station24 (New quay) over length of 170m and depth of 12m. This construction will promote the capacity of acres of medians with 20.000m2 of storage areas

Phase 2 : Medium term program :

This program provides the extension of the port by creating additional surfaces and new quays, offering 6 new berths for container ships and other vessels with a draft of – 16 meters.

The main projects planned are :

  • Construction of berths over a length of 870ml at 15m of depth
  • Establishment of 62H of acres of medians
  • Protection medians of 11.773ml
  • Dredging the rear port to depth of 16m
  • Enlargement of the Abdelkader and Casbah passes (150m and 160m of depth)
  • The transfer of the marina

Phase 3 : long term program (2025) :

Bejaia’s port plans to build berths with a length of 214 and depth of 153. It is also projected to build 3 wharfs for receiving a large tanker and 26 acres of medians for the installation of specialized equipments. The vision of this project is also provided much interest for the harbor, as the port community and its hinterland. In addition to that, we will find a new realization that meets all the standards, technical, economic, and operational requirements.

The current petroleum port will be transformed to a tourism area for the benefit of the locals as well as visitors. The city will recover its port and a new marina will be created.

The successful development of the harbor’s master plan of the will allowed the reinventing of Bejaia’s port and the increasing of its efficiency in the transport logistics chain, it will thus help to increase the competitiveness of its customers by providing an efficient services covering their shipping needs, land transportation and logistics services.