The strategy adopted by Bejaia’s port consists on playing a key role in the economic development of the regions forming its hinterland. The development of logistics platforms responds to this ambition and fits perfectly with this strategy. That is the case of the projects of the creation of Tixter and Ighil Ouberouak logistics areas.

Logistics area of Tixter

Located in the wilaya of Bardj Bou Arradj in the halfway between the administrative center and the wilaya of Setif, the setting up of this Extra-Harbor Logistics Area is motivated at first by its desire to decongest the port and to let the transfer of goods to the operators more fluid, and also to create added value in logistics, by setting up additional services that could be made to the goods such as bundling/unbundling packaging and also by the fact that this region of (BBA and Setif) is a hub of the Highlands region. The presence of dynamic industrial zones in both wilayas and the development of the ZIDI (industrial area of integrated development), pilot project at BBA, also calls for the integrated economic development. The nearness of the site, to railway and the East-Ouest highway has also influenced in the choice of the setting up of this platform. The grounds, spanning a surface area of 8.2 at the Daira of Ain Taghrout, will be organized into three areas:

  • Zone A: Railway air terminal and zone of reception of containers (141 676 M²)
  • Zone B: Space dedicated to the logistic stocking (44 238 M²)
  • Zone C: Service area such as administration, truck parking and maintenance of handling equipments.

In view the economic potential of economic potential of the Highlands region, and in order to provide a logistic hub of support for the manufacturers and the economic operators, Bejais Port Company request the Wilaya of Bordj Bou Arreridj to study the possibility of an extension of the ground. This solicitation is made in the context of forward-looking approach to enhance the logistic potential of the ground and to provide the optimum operating conditions provide. Therefore, the overall capacity of the ground will pass from 20 to 50 Ha.

Logistics area of Ighil Ouberouak:

Located in proximately 05km in the south-east of the port with an area of 48 560 m². This logistics platform has a space capacity of 1040 EVP and a trade capacity of 19 000EVP. It consists on several parts and essentially by two sheds of 10 200 m² and 750 m². It has also ton entrances which one of them is connected to national road.

The works relating to this project is estimated to 510.115.000, they being implemented and consist of:

  • The rehabilitation of the main hangar and the materialization of access portals and the receiving ramps trailers.
  • The extension of the storage area on a surface of acres medians of 16 800m².
  • The development of the road networks.
  • The development of the second hangar as Warehouse Management and parking of vehicles.
  • The rehabilitation of the weighbridge.
  • The construction of an administrative building in modular structure.
  • The installation of area and quay of storage reception in hagars and acres of medians to ensure the control and the temporary mobilization or storing of goods.