In the objective to develop the traffic passengers, a new infrastructure specially dedicated for the reception and the transit of passengers in the best conditions, was designed.

GM1 boudj

This new passenger terminal meets international standards for the reception and transit of passengers and vehicles and is part of the modernization of infrastructure to offer the best services to users.

Taking foot on both the seafront and the urban area, this new passenger terminal covers an area of 34.145 m² and is built on two sites:

- The landing block from the boat, located in the port of R + 3,

- The embarkation building, located outside the port, in R + 4.

Both blocks are connected by two fixed footbridges.


Idoor block: total Surface of 19.460 m ².

-Ground floor : Transit of vehicles at boarding on an area of 5,350 m2.

GM entree

-Floor 1 : Transit of vehicles disembarkation, with access by ramps on a surface of 5 545 m2

GM inter

-Floor 2 : Transit of passengers (pedestrians) including a check-in hall for boarding and disembarking passengers, halls for police and customs formalities, Departure lounge, as well as a passageway for the routing towards the footbridge of access to the ship, on a surface of 5 695 m2.

GM inter1

-Floor 3 : Conference room and restaurant, on a surface of 2,870 m2.

-Outside block: Total surface of 14 685 m ².

GM terr

-Between ground - GROUND FLOOR - 1st floor : multi-storey car park covering an area of 7,325 m2.

GM ver

-Floor 2 : Hall of landing of the passengers and the commercial premises on a surface of 2 595 m2.

- Floor 3: hall of boarding passengers and the commercial premises on a surface of 2 470 m2.

- Floor 4: commercial premises and restaurants on a surface of 2 295 m2.


- Annual capacity: 1,000,000 passengers and 100,000 vehicles.

- Passengers handled on disembarking and boarding: 240 passengers / hour.

- Vehicles treated at landing and boarding: 200 Vehicles / hour.



- A multi-level parking garage with 250 spaces ;

- Installation of two telescopic bridges connecting the car ferry to the second floor of the inner block ;

- Arrangement of a big modern departure lounge, equipped with all the conveniences ;

- Development of a recording room ;

- Installation of the equipment of search and control: scan in vehicles and seats, porticoes of detection, as well as luggage scanners ;

- Commissioning of sanitary standards, including for people with reduced mobility ;

- Commissioning of the controlled mechanical ventilation and air conditioning;

- Establishment of a remote display system;

- Development of reception area, information and orientation with installation of the sound system;

- Installation of lifts, mechanical escalators and hoists, which facilitates access for people with reduced mobility;

- Installation of the Internet network with broadband Wi-Fi coverage.


Passengers will carry out the formalities in pleasant conditions, with support for the needs related to their stay (banks, insurance, travel agencies, car rental, taxi station, hotel reservation, souvenir shops, local products and gifts ...).



- Opening of a parking lot with floor on 4 levelsof 250 seats, with an automatic access management system and outputs. This car park will be open 7/7 throughout the year, for both passengers and users of the city.