Our objectives

The Management of Quality, Environment and Safety Health at Work at the Port of Bejaia Company, has effectively put the customer, the environment and the staff in the heart of the daily concerns of managers. It’s a structured way of managing the risk to move irreversibly on a continuous improvement basis. It’s relies on anticipation, precaution, change, and the communication and it maintain a management which is able of using international standards that represent the first international consensus, to deal with the problems related to changes in its environment. This is reflected by operational plans of the company which seeks to achieve the long-term strategy, sustainable development and daily risk management. The Company defines what tools to use or adapted for responding in harmonious way customer expectations which is the company's focus of concern and those of stakeholders, which are local residents, customers, shareholders and staff, by the establishment a healthy and safety management system at work, enabling it to preserve its most important asset « the staff  ».


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The system established since 2000 for ISO9001 and 2005 for Iso14001, conferred a significant maturity in its Management System for Integration of Management Health and Safety System certified to OHSAS 18001 since 2008. The EPB has decided to enroll in part of a global process that aims to ensure its sustainability by introducing a modern and standardized management adapted to the connecting sector requirements. It identified the processes and their interaction and determined the criteria and methods that ensure their implementation and control in order to ensure their effectiveness. The four-step sequence of PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) applies for each process: To plan, to implement, to monitor and to improve each of these processes refers to documented procedure standard, operating procedures, fact sheets and briefing papers covering all activities of the EPB. All of this internal organization whose purpose is the achievement of objectives set by the SMI policy does not depend only on material resources, but also and above of human resources. Through its policy, the Company has a vision and a management strategy encompassing common strategic areas for performance targets covering the three systems (quality, environment, occupational health and safety). The identification and risk assessment is done with a participatory approach, using an experienced staff who has know-how in this field based on their skills to identify, analyzed and suggest adequate and efficient procedures which are necessary for the operational control. Thus the Quality, Environment, Health and Safety at Work are an inseparable part of the Company strategy. The policy of the QHSE Management system merely shows the vision and direction of the Company in the business of SMI by highlighting the related strategic lines. The stand policies are set out into objectives at all levels and concern all the business processes, thus giving complete consistency with the overall strategy of the Company.