Container Terminal

The container terminal is operated since July 2005 by a new entity BMT (Bejaia Mediterranean Terminal) is a joint venture between the EPB and the Singaporean PORTEK. It is the only terminal in Algeria that has gantry cranes which can handle Postpanama ships. The terminal has also its own customs system (one stop office for administrative formalities).

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Wood Terminal

The terminal has its own storage area and its one stop office. It has high-performance equipment and perfectly adapted to this type of goods. The new gantry cranes allow treating ten burdens at same time and to reduce the stay alongside the quay, while reducing the risk of damage of the goods. The EPB strengthened, in this way, its markets share and its leader’s position on the wood product and offers an outstanding quality services to its clients, which will count important companies of the construction and civil engineering, very demanding and fastidious in quality of service.

Characteristics :

  • 300 lm of quay with 02 favored berths.
  • Location: New and station Quays.
  • Maximal authorized draft : 8 m to 11,50 m.
  • Surface of terminal: 7 hectares.
  • • Total Capacity : 19.300 burdens stacked on 04 levels.



Miscellaneous goods Terminal

Characteristics :

  • 07 berths
  • Location : Casbah and station quays
  • Maximal authorized draft : 10m
  • Storage surface: 50.218 m²



The paper shelter

It’s an area of 1200 m², specially fitted out for storing a paper reels both big and small size, to ensure the safety and the quality through this cargo handling by adequate means in a dry clean and secure environment. The capacities of this shelter are estimated at 1528 units on the ground, with a possibility of stocking height of 2 meters.

Characteristics :

  • Location: At the entrance of the berth 19
  • Total Surface : 1286 m²
  • Ground commercial capacity : 1528 unités
  • Stacking Height: 2 levels



The center of transit of dangerous goods « CTMD »

Unique in Algeria, the CTMD is dedicated for the storage of all the goods considered as dangerous in the highest security possible.

Characteristics :

  • Total Surface : 7000 m²
  • Number of warehouses : 06 over a surface of 1440 m²
  • Location : New quay (berth 20)



Roll-on-rool-off Terminal

This terminal allows the reception of the rolling stock (Tourist cars, Utility and Public Transport, public works equipment, machinery for railway operations …).

  • Location: poste 18
  • Surface of the area: 13.000 m²





A grain terminal

The EPB, occupying the first position in terms of grain traffic, this activity is equipped with the most efficient equipment on the market that made the returns handling cereals increased from 50T / 750T hour / hour. The EPB can process large grain of 60,000 tons

Characteristics :

  • 400 lm of quay with 03 quays
  • Location: South West Quay / New and station quays
  • Maximal authorized draft: 10 m à 11,50 m
NB : Given the density of this traffic, the grain vessels can be allocated to other berths as those mentioned below.

Installations :

OAIC Silos:

  • Location: poste 17
  • Capacity: 30.000 tonnes


  • Location: New Quay
  • Capacity: 120.000 tons



The Oil Tanker Terminal

Characteristics :

  • 770 lm of quay with 03 specialized quays
  • Location: Outer Port
  • Maximal authorized draft: 13,50 m
  • Loading capacity: 16,8 million de tons
  • SPM/ sea-line for the loading of the large tanker between 80.000 DWT and 320.000 DWT with a flow of 10.000 m3 / hour.