Within the framework of the works of the Standing committee in charge of the inspection and the evaluation of the damaged goods and/or in stay extended at the level of commercial ports - Governed by the Executive Decree N 10-94 of 17 March 2010-, the commission sat on certain files on December 14th, 2016. 

It was decided, at the end of these works the provision of a large number of products for the benefit of the city, which distributed them as follows:

  • To the Algerian Red Crescent, for the clothing, the socks and the shoes.
  • In the city, aimed at primary schools and school canteens, for robots mixers, heating plates, bulbs as well as 50 % of the bottles of detergent products.
  • To the Disaster and emergency services, for the 50 % of bottles of remaining detergent products.
  • Protection Civile, for the 50% of bottles of remaining detergent products.

The operation began on January 31st, 2017, Under the supervision of the Technical Subcommittee, in charge of the follow-up of the operations of transfer and/or destruction and takes place in the strict respect for the decisions of the Commission, According to the regulations in force.