Under the high patronage of the first magistrate of the city of bejaia, the Chamber of commerce and industry of Soummam-Béjaïa-, organized in association with the Harbour Company of Béjaïa, a day of study on: “The exports out hydrocarbons”, ", February 21st, 2016, in the room of the conferences of the hotel Alloui of Tichy.

Raised(Enhanced) by the presence of president and general manager of the Harbour Company of Béjaïa, Mister Djelloul ACHOUR, the President and the Director of the ICC SOUMMAM, Local authorities, of the Managing director of the stock exchange of Algiers, of the President of the ANEXAL, the representatives of the Ministry of Trade, Services of customs, CAGEX, ALGEX, ABEF and economic operators of the region.

Communications articulated around "Role of ALGEX in the promotion of the exports out hydrocarbons", " The credit insurance and the financing in the export ", " The role and the missions of the Special Fund for the Promotion of the exports ", "The role and the missions of the Algerian Customs in the promotion of the exports out hydrocarbons", " The stock exchange and the financing of companies ", " The role of the port of Béjaïa in the exports out hydrocarbons ", " The statutory device governing the foreign trade ".

The debates which followed each other articulated in particular around the difficulties met by the exporters and the ways to implement to develop the national production and diversify it to manage of the act to export.

Within the framework of the works of the Standing committee in charge of the inspection and the evaluation of the damaged goods and/or in stay extended at the level of commercial ports - Governed by the Executive Decree N 10-94 of 17 March 2010-, the commission sat on certain files on December 14th, 2016. 

It was decided, at the end of these works the provision of a large number of products for the benefit of the city, which distributed them as follows:

  • To the Algerian Red Crescent, for the clothing, the socks and the shoes.
  • In the city, aimed at primary schools and school canteens, for robots mixers, heating plates, bulbs as well as 50 % of the bottles of detergent products.
  • To the Disaster and emergency services, for the 50 % of bottles of remaining detergent products.
  • Protection Civile, for the 50% of bottles of remaining detergent products.

The operation began on January 31st, 2017, Under the supervision of the Technical Subcommittee, in charge of the follow-up of the operations of transfer and/or destruction and takes place in the strict respect for the decisions of the Commission, According to the regulations in force.

The ports of Béjaïa and Skikda participated in the 1st Mediterranean Ports Forum that took place on 29 and 30 November 2016 at the "Villa Méditerranée" in Marseille and which was organized by IntermedGateways, in cooperation with the secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean.

This major event, called the Medports Forum, which gathered more than 80 people, representing the port authorities of 25 Euro-Mediterranean ports and specialists in that sector. Its main objectives are the cooperation and development of activity in the Mediterranean which is considered as the strategic node of all maritime routes.

This meeting was an exchange of ideas and experiences in logistics and maritime transport and to launch a reflection on the project to create an organization that will work for the promotion of the ports of the Mediterranean.

The ambition being to make the Mediterranean the future stronghold of world trade, the creation of this alliance between the actors of the European countries, Middle Eastern and African shores is the sine qua none condition to claim in particular to compete with the ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam.

In the context of the strengthening of economic cooperation between Algeria and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, his excellency Sir PHAM Quoc Tru, Ambassador of Vietnam in Algiers, made a working visit to Bejaia. 

His first Stopover was the port of Béjaïa where he was received by the company's senior executives for a working session.

A brief overview of the history of Bejaia and its port was presented to the EPB host, followed by a presentation of the port's activities, the management by terminals, medium- and long-term port infrastructure development projects, and the creation of extra-port logistics zones.

These explanations highlighting the assets of the Company, were followed with great interest by his Excellency Mr. PHAM Quoc Tru, who evoked the trade exchanges between Algeria and Vietnam, which, despite a slight increase, remain according to him insufficient.

In effect, it will clarify, algeria imported mainly agricultural products from Vietnam (rice, spices, cashew nuts ....). As for the import of Algerian products by Vietnam, their quantity remains small, he added.

Economic cooperation between the two countries is therefore called, to expand and diversify, thanks to the will of the two countries.

The meeting with the managers of the port and that scheduled with the economic operators of the city of bejaia, which has great potential, both in agriculture and tourism, will contribute consistently to establish strong economic and trade relations between the two countries, noted with satisfaction his Excellency Mr. PHAM Quoc Tru, which did not fail to express at the end of this visit, its deep appreciations for the warm welcome that was reserved for him.

Le wali de BéjaiaMr. SALAH OULED Zitouni the first magistrate of the wilaya of Bejaia, proceeded on Thursday, August 4th, 2016, to the inauguration of the rail link between the port of Bejaia and the Extra-Harbor logistics Area of Tixter, in the wilaya of Bordj Bou Arreridj, with the presence of the senior managers of Bejaia’s port, the executives of the Wilaya, the General Manager of SNTF, Customs officials services and the PAF (border police).



During this first conveyor, which will be regular, fifteen cars of 40-feet containers were transferred to Tixter. This number will be revised upwards, with the entry into service of a second train in the near future.



With the creation of this multimodal logistics platform, enabling the transfer rail/road of containers, Bejaia Port Company opens new economic horizons in the port of Bejaia and by extension of the entire Highlands region and neighboring wilayas.