It is charged for planning, organizing, coordinating and controlling all actions of handling and stevedoring related to the operation of the port. It contains on the following departments :


1) Handling :

That includes the operations of loading/ unloading, docking /undocking of goods, as well as the operations the operations of storing or removing cargo from the warehouses and storage areas.

The handling is provided by a trained staff in that sector. It is operational days and nights, divided into two shifts (work period of a team) from 6am to 7 pm with a third operational shift which continues between 7pm and 1am. In exceptional cases, it can last until 7 am.

2) Loading /Unloading Goods :

Its tasks are to :

For goods  
  • The receipt of goods.
  • The Transfer of goods to the Storage areas.
  • The preservation or safekeeping of goods in the hangars or storages areas.
  • The marking of the goods and delivery to customers.
For the service 

Collecting all information related to the evaluation of treatment of docked ships and their estimated exit time and the availability of the storage areas and hangars.

For the Storage 

Participating in the Ship Investment Conference (CPN) for the decisions of ships entry and collecting customer orders (teams and equipment) for the treatment of their ships.