Opening of a parking lot

The Port Company of Bejaia is pleased to announce that a parking lot, at the outer block of the Gare Maritime, is available to the public.

This car park, which extends over 7 levels, is open 7 days a week throughout the year. It also has an automatic management system of inputs and outputs.

Pricing of the Béjaïa ferry terminal parking, applicable from Sunday 05 August 2018





Vision, Missions and Values of Béjaia port


In the objective to develop the traffic passengers, a new infrastructure specially dedicated for the reception and the transit of passengers in the best conditions, was designed.

GM1 boudj

This new passenger terminal meets international standards for the reception and transit of passengers and vehicles and is part of the modernization of infrastructure to offer the best services to users.

Taking foot on both the seafront and the urban area, this new passenger terminal covers an area of 34.145 m² and is built on two sites:

- The landing block from the boat, located in the port of R + 3,

- The embarkation building, located outside the port, in R + 4.

Both blocks are connected by two fixed footbridges.


Idoor block: total Surface of 19.460 m ².

-Ground floor : Transit of vehicles at boarding on an area of 5,350 m2.

GM entree

-Floor 1 : Transit of vehicles disembarkation, with access by ramps on a surface of 5 545 m2

GM inter

-Floor 2 : Transit of passengers (pedestrians) including a check-in hall for boarding and disembarking passengers, halls for police and customs formalities, Departure lounge, as well as a passageway for the routing towards the footbridge of access to the ship, on a surface of 5 695 m2.

GM inter1

-Floor 3 : Conference room and restaurant, on a surface of 2,870 m2.

-Outside block: Total surface of 14 685 m ².

GM terr

-Between ground - GROUND FLOOR - 1st floor : multi-storey car park covering an area of 7,325 m2.

GM ver

-Floor 2 : Hall of landing of the passengers and the commercial premises on a surface of 2 595 m2.

- Floor 3: hall of boarding passengers and the commercial premises on a surface of 2 470 m2.

- Floor 4: commercial premises and restaurants on a surface of 2 295 m2.


- Annual capacity: 1,000,000 passengers and 100,000 vehicles.

- Passengers handled on disembarking and boarding: 240 passengers / hour.

- Vehicles treated at landing and boarding: 200 Vehicles / hour.


- A multi-level parking garage with 250 spaces ;

- Installation of two telescopic bridges connecting the car ferry to the second floor of the inner block ;

- Arrangement of a big modern departure lounge, equipped with all the conveniences ;

- Development of a recording room ;

- Installation of the equipment of search and control: scan in vehicles and seats, porticoes of detection, as well as luggage scanners ;

- Commissioning of sanitary standards, including for people with reduced mobility ;

- Commissioning of the controlled mechanical ventilation and air conditioning;

- Establishment of a remote display system;

- Development of reception area, information and orientation with installation of the sound system;

- Installation of lifts, mechanical escalators and hoists, which facilitates access for people with reduced mobility;

- Installation of the Internet network with broadband Wi-Fi coverage.


Passengers will carry out the formalities in pleasant conditions, with support for the needs related to their stay (banks, insurance, travel agencies, car rental, taxi station, hotel reservation, souvenir shops, local products and gifts ...).


- Opening of a parking lot with floor on 4 levelsof 250 seats, with an automatic access management system and outputs. This car park will be open 7/7 throughout the year, for both passengers and users of the city.

1) Handling equipements

DesignationCapacityNumber of gear
Forklift trucks
< à 3 T
Power lift trucks
< à 3 T
5 T
8 T
10 T
18 T
28 T
42 T
52 T
Excavators loaders
< 1.5
04 m3
38 T
Tractor trailers
38 T
50 T
Crane Gottwald HMK 260E
80 T
Crane Gottwald HMK 170E
63 T
Harbor cranes LIEBHERR
63 T
Harbor cranes LIEBHERR
124 T
Harbor cranes LIEBHERR
64 T
Mobile cranes LIEBHERR
50 T
Mobile cranes GROVE
59 T
portal grains VIGAN
550 T

2) Navals equipement

2.1) Towing equipement

Manufacturing year 2005
Shipbuilding site DAMEN (Holland)
Gross tonnage 289Tnx
Overall length 28m
Moulded breadth 10,59m
Propulsion 02 Aquamaster Astern Drive
Machine output power 4000 CV (MAK)
Tensil force 46 Tonnes)
Fire fighting FIFI 1 Double Canon 2X 1200m3/h
Classification Bureau-Veritas- AUT- UMS Clean Sea,
Haute Mer
Manufacturing year 2005
Shipbuilding site U N Valencia (Espagne)
Gross register 365 Tnx
Overall tonnage 29,50m
Moulded breadth 11m
Propulsion 02 Tractor Azimutal
Machine output power 3500 CV (MAK)
Tensil force 35 Tonnes
Fire fighting FIFI 1 Double Canon 2X 1300m3/H
Classification Bureau-Veritas- AUT-UMS Clean
Air Clean Sea, Haute Mer
Manufacturing year 1972
Shipbuilding site Elmshorn (Allemagne)
Gross Tonnage 260Tnx
Overall length 33,50m
Moulded breadth 8,90m
Propulsion 01 pitch propeller.
Machine output power 2300 CV (MAK)
Tensil force 31 Tonnes
Fire fighting 03 Canons 450 m3/h
Classification Bureau Veritas, Haute mer
Manufacturing year 1971
Shipbuilding site Kanagawa Japon
Gross tonnage 161Tnx
Overall length 28m
Largeur hors Membres 7,60m
Propulsion 01 Hélice pas fixe
Machine output power 1500 CV
Tensil force 20 Tonnes
Fire fighting 03 Canons
Classification Bureau-Veritas
Manufacturing year 2006
Shipbuilding site Zamakona (Espagne)
Gross tonnage 79 Tnx
Overall length 19,70m
Moulded breadth 6,10m
Propulsion 02 Hélices pas fixe
Machine output power 1000CV (Guascor)
Tensil force 12 Tonnes
Fire fighting  
Classification Bureau Veritas, Navigation Côtière

2.2) Piloting Equipements

Gouraya 3 DAMEN 1997
Cap-Bouak DAMEN 1997
Canot Mina 4 ECOREP 1997
Canot Mina 5 ECOREP 1997
SIDI Bouali DAMEN 2005
SIDI Yahia DAMEN 2005

Human Resources vision



vision RH



Our objectives

The Management of Quality, Environment and Safety Health at Work at the Port of Bejaia Company, has effectively put the customer, the environment and the staff in the heart of the daily concerns of managers. It’s a structured way of managing the risk to move irreversibly on a continuous improvement basis. It’s relies on anticipation, precaution, change, and the communication and it maintain a management which is able of using international standards that represent the first international consensus, to deal with the problems related to changes in its environment. This is reflected by operational plans of the company which seeks to achieve the long-term strategy, sustainable development and daily risk management. The Company defines what tools to use or adapted for responding in harmonious way customer expectations which is the company's focus of concern and those of stakeholders, which are local residents, customers, shareholders and staff, by the establishment a healthy and safety management system at work, enabling it to preserve its most important asset « the staff  ».


Check the Integrated Management Policy >>


The system established since 2000 for ISO9001 and 2005 for Iso14001, conferred a significant maturity in its Management System for Integration of Management Health and Safety System certified to OHSAS 18001 since 2008. The EPB has decided to enroll in part of a global process that aims to ensure its sustainability by introducing a modern and standardized management adapted to the connecting sector requirements. It identified the processes and their interaction and determined the criteria and methods that ensure their implementation and control in order to ensure their effectiveness. The four-step sequence of PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) applies for each process: To plan, to implement, to monitor and to improve each of these processes refers to documented procedure standard, operating procedures, fact sheets and briefing papers covering all activities of the EPB. All of this internal organization whose purpose is the achievement of objectives set by the SMI policy does not depend only on material resources, but also and above of human resources. Through its policy, the Company has a vision and a management strategy encompassing common strategic areas for performance targets covering the three systems (quality, environment, occupational health and safety). The identification and risk assessment is done with a participatory approach, using an experienced staff who has know-how in this field based on their skills to identify, analyzed and suggest adequate and efficient procedures which are necessary for the operational control. Thus the Quality, Environment, Health and Safety at Work are an inseparable part of the Company strategy. The policy of the QHSE Management system merely shows the vision and direction of the Company in the business of SMI by highlighting the related strategic lines. The stand policies are set out into objectives at all levels and concern all the business processes, thus giving complete consistency with the overall strategy of the Company.

Container Terminal

The container terminal is operated since July 2005 by a new entity BMT (Bejaia Mediterranean Terminal) is a joint venture between the EPB and the Singaporean PORTEK. It is the only terminal in Algeria that has gantry cranes which can handle Postpanama ships. The terminal has also its own customs system (one stop office for administrative formalities).

bmt→ To find out more…...



Wood Terminal

The terminal has its own storage area and its one stop office. It has high-performance equipment and perfectly adapted to this type of goods. The new gantry cranes allow treating ten burdens at same time and to reduce the stay alongside the quay, while reducing the risk of damage of the goods. The EPB strengthened, in this way, its markets share and its leader’s position on the wood product and offers an outstanding quality services to its clients, which will count important companies of the construction and civil engineering, very demanding and fastidious in quality of service.

Characteristics :

  • 300 lm of quay with 02 favored berths.
  • Location: New and station Quays.
  • Maximal authorized draft : 8 m to 11,50 m.
  • Surface of terminal: 7 hectares.
  • • Total Capacity : 19.300 burdens stacked on 04 levels.



Miscellaneous goods Terminal

Characteristics :

  • 07 berths
  • Location : Casbah and station quays
  • Maximal authorized draft : 10m
  • Storage surface: 50.218 m²



The paper shelter

It’s an area of 1200 m², specially fitted out for storing a paper reels both big and small size, to ensure the safety and the quality through this cargo handling by adequate means in a dry clean and secure environment. The capacities of this shelter are estimated at 1528 units on the ground, with a possibility of stocking height of 2 meters.

Characteristics :

  • Location: At the entrance of the berth 19
  • Total Surface : 1286 m²
  • Ground commercial capacity : 1528 unités
  • Stacking Height: 2 levels



The center of transit of dangerous goods « CTMD »

Unique in Algeria, the CTMD is dedicated for the storage of all the goods considered as dangerous in the highest security possible.

Characteristics :

  • Total Surface : 7000 m²
  • Number of warehouses : 06 over a surface of 1440 m²
  • Location : New quay (berth 20)



Roll-on-rool-off Terminal

This terminal allows the reception of the rolling stock (Tourist cars, Utility and Public Transport, public works equipment, machinery for railway operations …).

  • Location: poste 18
  • Surface of the area: 13.000 m²





A grain terminal

The EPB, occupying the first position in terms of grain traffic, this activity is equipped with the most efficient equipment on the market that made the returns handling cereals increased from 50T / 750T hour / hour. The EPB can process large grain of 60,000 tons

Characteristics :

  • 400 lm of quay with 03 quays
  • Location: South West Quay / New and station quays
  • Maximal authorized draft: 10 m à 11,50 m
NB : Given the density of this traffic, the grain vessels can be allocated to other berths as those mentioned below.

Installations :

OAIC Silos:

  • Location: poste 17
  • Capacity: 30.000 tonnes


  • Location: New Quay
  • Capacity: 120.000 tons



The Oil Tanker Terminal

Characteristics :

  • 770 lm of quay with 03 specialized quays
  • Location: Outer Port
  • Maximal authorized draft: 13,50 m
  • Loading capacity: 16,8 million de tons
  • SPM/ sea-line for the loading of the large tanker between 80.000 DWT and 320.000 DWT with a flow of 10.000 m3 / hour.